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  • Open MSG and Winmail.dat files on Mac

    Never worry about an unreadable MSG, OFT, or Winmail.dat file again.

  • Batch Processing

    Save time when working with multiple files.

  • Handles Emails and vCards

    Converts into native Mac formats (eml or vcf)

  • Supports All Email Clients

    Use your favorite Mac email programs.

  • Customizable Preferences

    Configure MSG Viewer for Outlook to your liking, with advanced options for power users.

  • Preserves All Attachments

    PDFs, Excel Spreadsheets, Word Documents, and more. MSG Viewer for Outlook opens them with ease.


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  • View MSG files
  • View OFT files
  • View Winmail.dat files
  • Exports to .eml (Email)
  • Exports to .vcf (vCard)
  • Exports to PDF
  • Display attachments (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.)
    free trial
  • Batch process multiple MSG, OFT, or Winmail.dat files
  • Compatible with your favorite Mac email client
  • Supports international Unicode characters and diacritical marks
  • Supports Quick Look for file preview
  • OS X 10.6–10.11+ compatible
  • Localized into 20+ worldwide languages
    OS X 10.8+ only
    OS X 10.8+ only
  • Immediate download
  • License valid for single user on 2 computers
    free trial

Double-click and you're done.

30 Second Install

OS X 10.8-11+ users: The license can be entered directly from the License → Enter License menu without reinstallation.


Customizing MSG Viewer for Outlook to your needs.

  • Start customizing MSG Viewer for Outlook by double-clicking the application in your Applications folder. Once the program starts, click Preferences to access these options below. You will need to restart your mail client to see any changes.
  • Configuring different email clients or address books
    Prefer to use Microsoft Outlook for Mac or Mozilla Thunderbird for your email needs? No problem. MSG Viewer for Outlook works with all of your favorite email clients. Just choose your email client from the list, and you'll be up and running in no time.
  • Configuring different email clients or address books (legacy)
    For legacy installations (v2.1 and below only), use these codes:

    Email Client: Code
    Apple Mail:
    Apple Address Book:
    Microsoft Entourage:
    Microsoft Outlook for Mac:
    Mozilla Thunderbird: org.mozilla.thunderbird
    Postbox: com.postbox-inc.postbox
    None: Leave code area blank. With this setting, no email client will be launched after the conversion is complete.

    See one that's not on the list? Send us a message, and we'll be glad to help you out.
  • Convert RTF attachments to inline text
    Microsoft encodes parts of the MSG file into a file format called Rich Text (RTF file extension). Rich Text is a proprietary Microsoft format similar to Microsoft Word. Therefore, preserving these converted attachments from the MSG file in the RTF format ensures their original integrity.

    For users more concerned with speed, enabling this feature allows you to view these RTF files directly in the original email (with some minor formatting losses!) – without having to open a separate file.
  • Show attachments inline
    Designed for those with extra time constraints, this feature displays your attachments inside of the email. Our power users find this feature indispensable, because it alleviates the need to open multiple attachments and programs per email. Again, just like the feature to display RTF attachments as inline text, some minor formatting may be lost.
  • Advanced: Do not include .msg in converted filename
    When you convert files with MSG Viewer for Outlook, the files are automatically renamed by adding a suffix to the original file name. For example, if you are converting an MSG file named "businessproposal.msg", the file will be renamed to "businessproposal.msg.eml". This helps you better identify your files.

    However, if you prefer to omit the ".msg" portion, then enable this preference. In the above example, "businessproposal.msg" would become "businessproposal.eml".

    Please note that when conversions happen, files with the same exact file name will automatically be overwritten – without any notification. For this reason, it is recommended that you leave this option disabled.
  • Advanced: Use CRC32 to enhance speed for previously converted files
    This feature provides power users with an extra dose of speed. When live, it enables the CRC32 checking of each MSG file. This fancy terminology really means that MSG Viewer for Outlook automatically checks to see if each file has been converted – saving you time by not re-converting the same emails again.

    If you wish to re-process MSG files (for instance, if you changed a preference), we recommend you leave this option disabled. This is because CRC32 only checks to see if the MSG file was already processed, and not the preferences that were enabled when it was processed.
  • Advanced: Suppress attachments from vCards
    When converting vCards there may be additional files attached to the MSG file in addition to the .vcf address card (like photos or PDFs). MSG Viewer for Outlook automatically saves these extra files by default. To easily access these files, save the MSG file to your Desktop or another preferred folder before converting. This will ensure that the extra files are easily accessible.

    When this feature is enabled, MSG Viewer for Outlook will disregard any additional files that may be attached to a vCard. This option does not alter any of the original text from the vCard file – it only suppresses extraneous attached files.

Usage Guide and Tips

  • Quick start guide!
    MSG Viewer for Outlook is designed to be completely seamless. Therefore, the only time you need to launch the application directly is to customize preferences.

    Once MSG Viewer for Outlook is properly installed in the Applications folder, simply double-click on any MSG file of your choosing (or, right-click and choose Open With → MSG Viewer for Outlook ). MSG Viewer for Outlook will quietly launch in the background, convert your MSG or Winmail.dat file, and then display the converted file in your favorite Mac email client.
  • Activating license after purchase
    Your download and license information were automatically emailed to the address that you used to order MSG Viewer for Outlook. OS X 10.8-11+ users: The license can be entered directly from the License → Enter License menu without reinstallation.

    If you're having trouble, please try: deleting 'MSG Viewer for Outlook' from your Applications folder, emptying your Trash, rebooting your computer, and reinstalling the software. This resolves >99% of issues. As a last resort, you can also download this utility to reset your preferences.

    Pro tip: The order confirmation email might take a few minutes to arrive depending on your internet provider. Please make sure you are checking the email account that you ordered MSG Viewer for Outlook with, and check your spam/junk folders as well. If your email hasn't arrived, please contact us or lookup your order and we'll be glad to help.
  • License code issues
    We know registering for software can be a pain – but it's a necessary evil. Once you receive your purchase confirmation email, you'll have all the information you need to register your product. If you're running OS X 10.8+, you won't need to reinstall the software.

    However, if your license information doesn't seem to be working, try one of these common solutions:

    • In the first box, type your full name (as specified in the order confirmation email, including capitalization)
    • In the second box, type your license number (including hyphen)
    • Include the multi-user information, such as text like "(2-pack)" as part of your user name

    Still having problems? Contact our Customer Support Team, and let us know how we can help.

    App Store users: Choosing Restore Purchase from the Help menu will revalidate your purchase with Apple and fix any licensing issues (i.e., if you upgraded to a new computer). If you're still having issues, please use this utility to reset your preferences.
  • Double-clicking MSG files isn't working
    In most cases, this is because MSG Viewer for Outlook is not configured to be the default application when opening MSG files. Using the Preferences menu item (OS X 10.8-11+) or by double-clicking the MSG Viewer for Outlook application (OS X 10.6-10.7), you can set MSG Viewer for Outlook to the default application.

    You can also get around this issue by right-clicking on an MSG file and choosing "Open With → MSG Viewer for Outlook". Alternatively, please visit this link to learn how to change the default file associations on your Mac.

    Pro tip: If these tips don't work, you may need to reboot your computer or empty the Trash. Please also confirm that your default email client is set up correctly in the "Customizing MSG Viewer for Outlook" section above. It is possible that the MSG file is converting properly, but a working email client has not been properly configured.
  • Mail Attachment.rtf file in the converted email
    This is the expected behavior. For additional information, see Convert RTF attachments to inline text under Customizing MSG Viewer for Outlook above.
  • After conversion, Mail prompts to create a new account
    Once a successful conversion takes place, MSG Viewer for Outlook needs a working mail client on your Mac in order to open the converted EML file (after all, you're viewing an email!). By default, the built-in Apple Mail program is used although this can be changed in your Preferences. If you haven't used this software previously, you may be prompted to set it up. We've created an easy-to-use tool for this purpose that you can use to expedite this process.

    You can also try right-clicking on the converted EML file and selecting a different Mail client by using Open With → Or, try right-clicking on the file and choosing Quick Look, which will display the EML file natively. You can customize your MSG Viewer for Outlook preferences (see above) to set up your preferred default mail program.
  • Importing converted EML files back into my email client
    If you've decided to run MSG Viewer for Outlook to convert a batch of MSG files, you may wish to import the converted EML files back into your mail client for ease. Please consult your email client's documentation for help. For instance, in Apple Mail, you can use the "File → Import Mailboxes.." command, selecting the "Apple Mail" option as your source for importing data.
  • Batch MSG file conversion
    Processing multiple MSG files is easy with MSG Viewer for Outlook. First select all of the MSG files you want to convert, and drag them right onto the MSG Viewer for Outlook app (or right-click and choose Open With → MSG Viewer for Outlook). This will automatically start processing your MSG files into the proper format.

    Also, when MSG Viewer for Outlook is batch-processing, your email client will not be automatically launched – this is to prevent overloading your email software. Once the conversion is complete, files are saved in the same folder where they were originally located.

    Pro tip: All files must have the MSG or Winmail.dat file type to be processed in bulk. If you have included other file types in your selection, you will not see the option to Open With → MSG Viewer for Outlook.
  • Cannot write file error
    In order for MSG Viewer for Outlook to work its magic, the folder containing the MSG files must be writable. This "cannot write file error" can occur when trying to process files from a read-only source like a CD, flash drive, network drive, or read-only folders.

    Try copying the MSG files to a folder with write-permissions, such as your Desktop, and try the conversion again. The folder needs to have read & write privileges, see this Mac support article for additional information on how to set permissions.
  • Outlook is not associated with Default Identity
    If you receive the error message, "Outlook cannot open the file because it is not associated with the default identity", this is due to an error within the Outlook configuration itself (and not related to MSG Viewer for Outlook). Please see this help document for additional details on how to resolve this issue.
  • Difficulties completing purchase in the Mac App Store
    If you're using the App Store version, and unable to successfully complete the in-app purchase for the full license, there could be an issue with your iTunes account. This can generally be resolved by signing out of your account from iTunes, signing back in, and rebooting your computer. Emptying the Trash can also help if you've had other versions of the software on your computer.

    Enter your Apple ID in iTunes:
    iTunes 10: Store > Sign In.
    iTunes 11 or later: iTunes Store > Quick Links: Account.

    If you're still having trouble, please visit Apple Support for additional details on how to resolve this issue or feel free to purchase the software directly via this website.

having trouble...? see the FAQ below for troubleshooting


Frequently Asked Questions


  • How will I know if this program works to convert my MSG files?
    MSG Viewer for Outlook has thousands of satisfied customers, but don't take our word for it. Try our FREE Trial today to see for yourself! Click here to download.
  • Converting PST files
    PST files are not currently supported, but may be included in a future release.
  • How quickly will I receive my order?
    Orders are immediately electronically fulfilled upon payment.
  • Will this software work on my version of Mac OS X?
    MSG Viewer for Outlook 3 is compatible with all of the latest versions of Mac OS X, and your license is valid for OS X 10.6-10.11+:

    • OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) - Supported!
    • OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) - Supported!
    • OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) - Supported!
    • OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) - Supported!
    • OS X 10.7 (Lion) - Supported! Legacy interface
    • OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Legacy interface
    • OS X 10.5 (Leopard) - Legacy interface - See below!
    • iOS (iPad, iPhone) - Not supported

    All OS X 10.5 users can download a compatible Trial Version of MSG Viewer for Outlook by clicking here. If you've already purchased our software and need a licensed version that is compatible with OS X 10.5, please contact us here.

    Haven't tried MSG Viewer for Outlook yet? Why don’t you give our FREE trial for a spin to test for yourself? Click here to download.
  • Which international languages are supported?
    MSG Viewer for Outlook 3 for OS X supports 20+ international language localizations (legacy versions for OS X 10.5-7 only support English). Please contact us if you'd like to make a request for a future version.
  • Spyware/aware was installed with MSG Viewer for Outlook
    MSG Viewer for Outlook does not contain any adware, and does not modify any system preferences or browser configurations! Unfortunately, third-party companies like CNET have introduced adware as part of their own bundled installers. For this reason, we recommend only using an authentic installer that has been downloaded from this site.

    Click here for more information about this 'CNET Installer' Adware, including instructions showing how to avoid it for next time and how to uninstall it.
  • What is the software license agreement?
    Each purchased license of MSG Viewer for Outlook is valid for a single user on 2 computers. Please also see our end user license agreement.
  • Do you offer a multi-license discount?
    Yes, we offer a free copy for every 5 copies of MSG Viewer for Outlook that you purchase. This discount is automatically applied. Many satisfied customers have bought bundles of licenses for their peers and co-workers once they see how easily it opens MSG files.

    For larger volume purchases (over 20 copies), feel free to contact us for additional discounts.
  • Why am I being charged sales tax?
    In order to comply with government regulations, we collect sales tax from customers in Illinois (USA) – where we are located. Please follow your region's tax codes as they relate to purchasing software on the internet.
  • Do you offer technical support for installation assistance?
    With every purchase of MSG Viewer for Outlook, you'll receive top-of-the-line email support to troubleshoot and solve any issues that may arise. In the rare event that your problem can't be solved by email, we also offer Telephone Customer Support for a flat-rate of US$ 25. Please call us at +1 (847) 984-0844.
  • Do you make a PC version of this product?
    If you want to open MSG files on a Windows PC, you can use Microsoft Outlook for PC! We don't make a standalone version for PC.

    Note: We do offer custom packages for MSG file translation if you'd like to submit a batch to us for conversion. Please email us for additional information about this service.
  • Uninstalling MSG Viewer for Outlook
    Simply drag the Application from your Applications folder to the Trash. You can also delete the preferences file net.element26.outlookmsgviewer.plist in your Library/Preferences folder.

    If you have purchased the version from the App Store, and you've installed the Quick Look plugin, you can download the uninstaller here.
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I have tried a few other solutions to reading msg files on my Mac, but nothing works like your program. I am the only Mac guy in a PC office and you have allowed me to keep from going to the dark side.

Very useful! An essential tool to open those old non-EML Outlook messages with a .msg extension and archive/ batch-transfer them to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc... Recommended!

I thought I'd never read these files – but now it's PERFECT!

JUST SUPER!!! If this helps you to open just one critical Outlook .msg message then it pays for itself immediately. Also, the batch processing works perfectly.

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